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How to Drink Tequila

How To Drink Tequila.

What’s the one thing that comes to mind when you hear the word tequila? Shots, right? What if I told you, drinking shots is not the only way to enjoy tequila? How better to learn how to drink tequila than from the land of origin- Mexico. In Mexico, they drink 100 percent agave tequila, which is made for savoring. You should take the time to enjoy tequila the same way you would savor a glass of whisky or scotch.

If you’re in an authentic tequila bar that knows their stuff, ask for Sangrita in order to get the full experience. This is the chaser that Mexicans drink with tequila.

Sangrita is a mixture of citrus juices, tomato juice, and hot sauce. This is usually served in a small glass with your tequila, and you can drink it in between sips of your tequila. Sangrita is designed to cleanse your palate and helps to highlight the tequila’s taste.

Learning from the Experts

Tequila is quite a popular drink that is taken in many different forms. Mexicans know how best to enjoy the drink, and we can learn a thing or two from them. Since tequila originates in Mexico, they have the best quality tequila and a couple of insights on how best to enjoy the drink for a fuller experience. To enjoy tequila, the first step would be to source it from the native country.

You must choose good quality tequila to enjoy your drinking experience. The best tequila is made from 100 percent agave. Those with non-agave ingredients are of low quality and are the ones that lead to nasty hangovers.

Age is another key determinant of good quality tequila. To enjoy tequila in its best form, go with the oldest bottle you can afford. Just like the finest brandies and whiskey, tequila ages pretty well. With time, it becomes more mellow, and you can drink it neat.

Tequila Sunris.

There are several ways to enjoy a nice bottle of tequila. These are some of the most popular:

Served Neat

This is best for those who like to sip their drinks slowly and savor the taste. If you would like to experience all the flavor notes in your drink, from citrus to pepper, then taking it neat is the best way for you. If you’d like to drink a neat glass of tequila, it is best if you find an aged bottle made with 100 percent agave. Extra Anejo tequila is similar to aged rums and whiskies that are not taken in a hurry but sipped and savored.

With a Hint of Water

Adding a few drops of water to your tequila is also a good idea as it helps expand its flavors. This technique is also popular among whiskey lovers. Adding water to a drink is usually done if the drink is too stiff and the flavor is rather tight. If you want to pick up the nuances, then adding some water will help.

In a Margarita.

If you want your tequila mixed, then a margarita is the right way to go. Margaritas are very popular drinks and are perfect for occasions or simply having a cool drink when it’s hot out. With a margarita, you get to enjoy an array of other flavors as well.

In Mixed Drinks.

You can make several tequila-based cocktails at the comfort of your home. It’s better to look for recipes online and read up about what pairs well with tequila, so you do not end up with undrinkable sludge. A classic would be adding honey, bitters, and mezcal to Anejo tequila. This tends to give the tequila a sort of mineral quality.

To be a truly refined tequila drinker, you should expand your understanding of how the plants are sourced and even look at how the production process goes. You should try and look at production methods and the regional influences of your favorite tequila. This way, you get to appreciate the complex processes that go into making your tequila. For instance, tequila makers can use either a stone wheel or roller mill to crush their agaves. As a result, two tequilas from the same region can differ based on the age of agave used and how it’s been cooked.

Tequila Cocktails.


I believe the information in this article will help you drink tequila the right way. If you are looking to revamp your bar, take a quick look at our best alcohol reviews, where you will find the perfect drinks for you based on your taste and budget.


How much tequila to get drunk?

This depends entirely on you. Your age, size, gender, alcohol tolerance, and whether you’ve eaten or not will determine how fast you get drunk. The quickest way to find out how drunk you are is to get an alcohol consumption calculator that gives you your blood alcohol concentration.

How to drink tequila on the rocks?

Add a large clear ice cube or crushed ice to a whiskey glass. Pour Anejo tequila over the ice and give it a stir. You can opt to add an orange or lime coin to your drink. You can also add 2 drops of agave syrup and stir well. This will add a subtle sweetness to your drink.

Can tequila go bad?

Like most distilled spirits, tequila has a pretty long shelf life. Tequila will not expire if left unopened. In fact, the taste of tequila improves with age, just like whiskey or brandy. But technically, tequila can go bad once opened. Ideally, you should drink it within a year of the bottle being opened.

Does tequila make you sleepy?

Any alcoholic drink is bound to get you more relaxed. If you take three or more shots of tequila, you will most likely pass out. A single shot has the same effect but in a more reduced way. A small amount of tequila helps with relaxation and drinking it before your bedtime helps you fall asleep faster and sleep soundly.

How strong is tequila?

The effects of tequila depend on the amount you consume and the situation you are in. Tequilas usually have 40 percent alcohol content, meaning it is around 80 proofs. Tequila can be compared to similar spirits such as whiskey and vodka.

What does tequila do to you?

Like with any other alcoholic drink, excessive indulgence in tequila can lead to serious health problems. Excessive alcohol consumption affects your digestive and nervous systems. It can also affect your blood sugar levels. Drinking too much also results in alcoholism which is a major problem. If you are to drink tequila, do so in moderation.

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