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How to Drink Gin: The Beginner's Guide to Getting it Right

How To Drink Gin.

Is there any other liquor that is as underrated as the classic gin liquor? It ranks as one of the oldest and the perfect drink for any first-time drinker. The liquor is mixed with natural herbs from juniper berries which give it its rich gin-like taste. Most people truly discover gin after the hectic early adult years of experimenting with whatever drink that came their way. This is why gin is not as popular in many college cocktail spots, meaning many people are denied the chance to know the right way to enjoy a glass. If you have been ambivalent about giving gin a shot, this article will lay everything about this amazing juniper treat out in the open for you.

Classic Ways of Drinking Gin

The first option that you have is drinking the liquor on its own. This can be done in three Styles: Straight, on the rocks, and neat. Let’s explore how these different types of gin servings vary so that you can know what you have been ordering at your local spot.

  • Straight. The perfect way of serving gin is when it is chilled or ice cold. First, pour the gin into your mixing glass, followed with some ice, and stir. Strain this into a rocks glass and enjoy. This is a handy trick if you forget to refrigerate your gin.
  • On the Rocks. If you enjoy your liquor cold, you should give gin on the rocks a try. Begin by filling a rock glass with some ice and pour the gin over the ice cubes. As the ice cubes melt, they slightly dilute your liquor.
  • Neat. Another way to give yourself the full experience with gin is to serve it neat as the liquor offers different treats at different temperatures. A serving of gin neat only requires you to pour the liquor into a glass at room temperature. If you're a seasoned gin drinker, the chances are that you enjoy sipping or downing your gin this way.

Gin Infusion On Mushrooms.

Mix Gin into Cocktails

Gin traces its roots back to the medieval ages when it was used as a medical treatment. Mixologists took the hint and developed a variety of different gin cocktails for your enjoyment. Here are three cocktails that you should try.

  • Gin Martinis. A gin martini is a classic cocktail that is ideal for seasoned gin drinkers. You can have it dry (less vermouth) or go for a wet gin martini (more vermouth). You can cut down on the strength by diluting it with water, and always remember to serve it in a chilled martini glass when cold.
  • Gin and Tonics. Sometimes called G&T, this is among the oldest cocktails in recorded history. It was initially developed to help treat malaria. Doctors in colonial Britain used gin and tonic water to musk the strong taste of quinine. Anyone can make this cocktail as it requires only three ingredients.
  • Negroni. Negroni survives as one of the pre-prohibition cocktails that appeared first in Italy. We can attribute its bittersweet taste to the mixture of Italian herbs, sweet vermouth, Campari, and dry gin. The negroni is impressive in appearance and is as easy to make as the gin and tonic.

Best Flavor Pairings with Gin

You can give your gin a hint of one or two herbs without having to waste time making a cocktail. You don't have to be a mixologist to try different gin aromatics to see what works for you.

  • Tea. It is surprising to many people that tea pairs wonderfully with gin. This should be an easy project for all tea love is out there; try taking your favorite tea brand with some gin and judge for yourself.
  • Florals. Juniper berries give gin its amazing taste with other herbs that can also pair perfectly with the liquor. If you enjoy floral flavors, try adding gin to a cocktail with lavender or rosemary.
  • Summer and Spring Fruits. The natural herbs and spices that give gin its base notes pair perfectly with spring, summer, and citrus fruits. Try mixing gin with strawberries or lime today.

Cocktail Gin Martini.

Fresh Approaches to Gin

Taking gin, the conventional way is usually enough to suit all your tastes. However, there is no harm in giving some modern gin cocktails a go every once in a while.

  • Gin Infusions. You can get infused gin ready-made, or you can whip it up at home to enjoy the amazing flavors. Just steep ingredients of your choice into a bottle of gin and let it sit for a couple of days or weeks. You can use blueberry lavender or turmeric gin for your first try.
  • Barrel-aged Gin. Barrel-ageing gin will give it a dark-brown color by absorbing oak tannins. This will not alter the distinct taste of gin because you will not have to age it as much as other liquors. This gives the gin a hint of something new.

Take a Chance on Something New

Begin exploring the different ways of enjoying gin today. Make yourself your first gin cocktail and go on until you discover what works for you. I hope you learned a lot from this article that explores the richness of gin. Do not pass by our best alcohol reviews if you want to replenish your bar with interesting drinks. Here you will find everything that fits your budget and taste.

Gin Tonic Cocktail.


Gin is a classic drink that's a favorite for most people. Whether you're looking for creative ways to mix it up a bit or you need tips for your next party, hopefully this article comes in handy. What better way to enjoy a drink than to do it the right way?


What does it mean when a drink is neat?

This is when liquor is poured directly into a neat glass at room temperature. It resembles a shot, with the main difference being the type of glass that you use.

Can you mix gin and vodka?

Even though people pair these two liquors together to form different refreshing cocktails, their tastes and history vary greatly. Enjoy these drinks separately to appreciate their different tastes.

What makes a drink dry?

Beverages are considered dry when they lack a sugary taste. This is mainly due to an absence of sweeteners, other taste that conceals the sweetness, or simple sugars easily broken down in the mouth by amylase to short-chain carbohydrates.

How to make gin drinks?

Sterilize a clean glass bottle or Mason jar with boiling water. Add all the other herbs without any fresh peel and pour in the liquor. Let the mixture sit in your refrigerator for a day and enjoy.

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