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How Much Alcohol Is in Vodka?

Alcohol In Vodka.

If you are one of the people who check for alcohol content in their drinks, then this article is for you. We have prepared this article to educate you intensively about how much alcohol is in your vodka. But because we are specialists and not some wacko that’s freakishly excited about alcohol, we are going to be using expert terminologies. So, we aren’t going to be saying ‘alcohol content’ every time, we would instead use ‘proof’ or ‘ABV’.

Luckily for you, this guide is much more than the alcohol content of vodka, it would also be about what proof and ABV is, the alcohol proof list of many famous vodka drinks, and an idea into how it was calculated — call it extra information and you can thank us later. So, if you are ready, let’s begin.

What You Should Know About Alcohol Content?

The amount of alcohol in vodka and any other drink is known as the alcohol content. It is what determines how strong or light the drink vodka is. The higher the percentage, the stronger the drink. And no, taking two bottles of vodka with 5% alcohol doesn’t mean you have 10% in your system. It just means that every drop of the beverage contains 5% alcohol. And the more bottles you take, the more the 5% is concentrated in your body system.

So, what is proof or ABV? ABV is short for Alcohol by Volume and it is one of the three units to measure alcohol content in a beverage, in this case, vodka. The other ways are by percentage and proof. Alcohol by percentage is when the alcohol content is placed over 100 with regards to the quantity of the vodka in percentage. ABV is the same way, except that it’s not over 100 and it is measured with regards to the volume of the drink. And what about proof?

The Proof is the final unit of measure used to determine the alcohol content in vodka. It is gotten by multiplying the ABV by 2 (or by 0.75 in the UK).

Vodka Smirnoff.

What proof is Vodka?

Vodka has the highest proof from about 80 to 100. Generally, liquor drinks are the ones with the highest proof. And vodka is a type of liquor.

The other alcoholic drinks that have high proofs are rum, grappa, chacha, rachie, arak, poitin, centerbe, cocoroco, rectified spirit, neutral grain spirit, and brandy. However, this post is about Vodka.

Vodka is a very popular drink and is made from fermented potatoes and grain. It is very affordable and easy to find in any local drink store. The original ones are tasteless and colorless, thus making them a great option for drink mixing. Its standard ABV is 40% (which is 80 proof if we go by the definition given earlier), but some vodka alcohol percentages can go as high up as 50 to 70% ABV which is equal to a vodka proof of about 100 to 140. And the high vodka abv also pimps up your mixed drink, making it stronger.

However, vodka proof has an ancient story attached to it that involves money. And it wasn’t always a mathematical result from the abv of vodka. It was formed in the 16th century in the city of London. Alcohol taxes weren’t always the same — the higher the vodka alcohol content, the higher the tax. Therefore, outdated ways were used to test the vodka as proof of the vodka’s alcohol volume. Hence, the name - proof. The ways that were used to test the abv was checking its flammability, and if soaked gunpowder burned.

Famous Brands Of Vodka.

Famous Brands of Vodka and Their Proofs

Below are some popular brands and their vodka proof list. Please note that the list is not ordered based on a ranking of the best to the least. It is merely a complied list of brands that are known to produce vodka beverages, currently produce it, and have been in existence for up to a year. And though some brands might not be mentioned, it is a mere omission of name and nothing else.

  • Spirytus (192 proof, 96% ABV).
  • Balkan 176 (176 proof).
  • Good ol’ Sailor (170 proof, 85% ABV).
  • Devil Springs (160 proof, 80% ABV).
  • Leaf Vodka (80 proof).
  • Pinnacle (80 proof).
  • Smirnoff (80 proof).
  • Absolut (80 proof).
  • Ciroc (100 proof), etc.


There are so many things to learn every day about your favorite alcohol beverage. And you can check anywhere, the best way to drink and enjoy your drink is to know about it. The more you know, the more the drink would become more than just a thing to pass the time. So, if you believe this article has helped your drinking experience, and you want to replenish your bar with interesting drinks, don’t skip through our best alcohol reviews. We would guide you into all you need to know to stalk up your bar in no time. And we are sure that we would provide you with what suits your taste and budget.

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