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Best White Rum

Best White Rum.

Of all the types of rum available on the market these days, white rum is one of the most popular. The flavor of white rum isn’t quite as sharp as other rum variations, and white rum is generally used to make popular cocktails. For example, white rum is awesome for mojitos, specific daiquiris, and even for pina colada cocktails. It is a diverse drink that can be enjoyed in any situation, any weather, and by consumers of all ages. And if you are looking for the very best white rum on the market right now, look no further than the bottles shown in the table right here.

What Is White Rum?

White rum, sometimes referred to as light rum, is a type of liquor that gets used in a number of drinks. It is manufactured all over the world and it is considered to be quite a sweet drink. Light rum gets manufactured and stored in oak barrels for a certain length of time before hitting the shelves for purchase. White rum has a strong history with places such as the Caribbean too, often serving as an important drink for parties and other events.

Iron Fish White Rum.

White rum vs dark rum

In the most general sense, white rum is well designed to be mixed with other drinks to form cocktails or other beverages of choice. Dark rum, on the other hand, is a drink that you might prefer to sip on the rocks. The reason for this is that dark rum has a much stronger taste than light rum. And without getting overly scientific, it’s the aging process that makes this happen. So, if you’re not a fan of strong tastes, white rum is the route you should be going down.

How To Choose the Best White Rum?

If you want to keep a narrow selection of choice for the best white rum, stick with the recommendations in the table. But with that said, if you do want to explore a variety of options, which is perfectly understandable, there are certain things to look for:

Country/location of origin

This is a bit of a debate between light rum consumers. As we’ve stressed above, white rum is consumed and indeed manufactured all over the world. But experienced rum drinkers will tell you that the Caribbean and South America produce the best types of rum. Of course, this includes white rum, and basically, this is the case due to the natural resources these places have to make white rum.

Cotton And Reed White Rum.

Reputable brands

Like most alcoholic beverages, there are many brands that actually produce the drink. However, some are much better than others. It goes without saying that the best brands out there offer some of the best tasting, most diverse, but also pricier bottles currently available. Examples include Havana Club and Bacardi, but of course, there are many others. In short, make sure that you stick with these reputable white rum brands if you want the best-tasting drink.

Check the ingredients

Not many people think to check the ingredients of white rum before making a purchase. However, unless you know the bottle you are buying and you are 100% sure that you like the flavor, it’s important to check the ingredients. Different types of rum, including various types of white rum, are made with different ingredients that impact the flavor. White rum drinks can be sweet, spiced, or even fruity depending on the ingredients.

Use price as an indicator of quality

Yes, it’s important that you buy white rum bottles that are within your budget, but it’s important that you don’t go too cheap! In fact, buying the cheapest bottles out there is a surefire way to guarantee a bad-tasting beverage. The pricier the bottles, the better it’s going to taste. And if you are a little stuck on this point, we suggest sticking with bottles that are used in popular white rum cocktails.

White Rum Captain Morgan.

Benefits Of White Rum

Now that we’ve covered the differences between light rum and dark rum, as well as what you can do to find the best bottles - let’s examine some benefits.

Can be used in a range of mixers

As touched upon above, white rum is a perfect drink for mixers. That’s why we have such a range of white rum cocktails to choose from these days! The sweeter flavor means that it mixes perfectly with other beverages to create some truly awesome drinks for us all to enjoy.

Creates a nice exotic taste

Choosing rum for cocktails is one thing, but let’s zone in on the actual favors that white rum helps to create. Thanks to the way in how this drink is manufactured, it is very much a drink that provides a sweet and somewhat fruity taste. This alone makes white rum drinks feel quite exotic, even if you are consuming them in a cold climate!

White Rum Bacardi.

Good for the blood and heart

Surprisingly, white rum has been shown to help with some very important factors relating to health. According to a series of medical studies, white rum has been shown to lower cholesterol, therefore aiding blood flow around the body. And in addition to this, it has been shown to help the heart in terms of strength and how well the arteries function. Not bad, right?


What is white rum?

White rum is a type of liquor that is created from sugarcane. This gives it a very sweet taste when compared with other liquor drinks that have been created from other sources. Thanks to its sweet taste, you can usually find a range of white rum cocktails on the menu at vacation spots!

What mixes well with white rum?

White rum mixes very well with fruity drinks such as orange juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and many others. But besides actual juices, the texture of white rum means that it mixes well with pre-made cocktail mixers too, which tend to be thicker. As you can see, light rum is a diverse drink that fuels the flavor for many awesome cocktails!

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