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Best Vodka

Best Types Of Vodka.

Vodka liquors are the most popular spirit globally, and the position does not seem to downgrade anytime soon. It is also the U.S best-selling spirit after it surpassed whiskey in 1976. This is because it is the most versatile drink that is enjoyable and outright good.

According to the available historical records, distilled vodka originated from Russia around 1751. Vodka popularity came into the limelight during the 1940’s after which numerous vodka brands have been developed. This has also elevated best vodka rankings, making it the most consumed spirit worldwide. In the medieval era, vodka liquor was used for medicinal purposes before evolving to contemporary uses.

In Russian, vodka means “water” which clearly explains its nature. Read on to get a vodka review that articulates types of vodka, and how to choose the best vodka drinks. The table below outlines all that the article has discussed.

What Is Best Vodka?

Touchstone Wheat Vodka.

Vodka is a clear alcoholic drink that does not have a precise aroma or taste. Good vodka has a vodka-proof range of about 40% to 55% and is a highly neutral drink with utmost eradication of flavors during its processing. Vodka alcohol can be formulated using cheap raw materials such as cereal grains, potatoes, corn, rye, fruits, or molasses.

Most people prefer drinking vodka straight in small glasses. However, vodka brands have become best for cocktails due to their neutral attribute. Pure vodka can be incorporated with other types of beverages without tweaking its predominant flavor.

The process of making organic vodka brands requires water, malt meal, and yeast. First, the process commences by heating the grains with water and malt. The core function of malt is the conversion of grain starch to sugar. Yeast is incorporated as it aids food cells in extracting oxygen from the grain, which is vital in the production of alcohol.

Heat ferments sugar, and the solid crumbles are separated from the solvent, commonly referred to as the wash. Yeast is added to the wash and tightly sealed for two to four days. This allows the enzymes to catalyze sugar to ethyl alcohol.

The remaining vodka is heated, and the final product ranges between 30% and 40% ABV. The most distilled vodka is regarded as high-quality vodka as distillation is vital in the elimination of impurities.

The best type of vodka should have a pleasing aroma and reciprocate the materials' identity in its formulation. Nowadays, the best tasting vodka has been flavored using fruits, whipped cream, among other types of flavors. There are also numerous styles and ways to make cocktails that may also be innovative based on your taste and preference.

Azimut Vodka.

Types of Best Vodka

Rather than the clean vodka types, there are numerous world-best vodka types that will blow your mind. They also have a distinct taste profile, alcohol quantity, and varied vodka prices. Below are the types of vodka drinks that will spice up your life:

Plain Vodka

It is the most popular vodka that is classified as the strongest vodka with an ABV of almost 100 proof vodka. Plain vodka is a traditional premium vodka that has no emphasis on taste. It is considered the best vodka in the world for cocktails and is prominent for an immediate kick.

Though it is not a good-tasting drink, it is one of the smoothest vodkas and the best vodka for shots due to its purity and plain flavor. The taste of clear vodka is determined by the type of alcohol utilized in its making. It has a starting range of 95% alcohol which undergoes periodic distillations.

Flavored Vodka

This is one of the best kinds of vodka recently as they have already established a flavor profile. It is a neat vodka drink that does not require extra purchases of juices and other types of mixers. There is a sheer variety of flavor profiles such as cinnamon, green apple, lemon, orange, lime, blueberry, and so forth.

The predominant component is similar to plain vodka and has 40% proof. Its formulation is also similar to plain vodka as it starts with 95% alcohol and distillation, where a flavor is included to create alcohol that tastes good and gets you drunk.

Vodka Smirnoff.

Fruit Vodka

A bottle of fruit vodka is made using an infusion of fruits. It can also be made using an infusion of herbs, and the process is more seasoned than other types of vodka productions. It is categorized as a unique vodka and one of the best premium vodkas as it has a richer flavor profile, smell, and color than other types.

Fruit vodka has a 50% to 80% base, which is infused with the fruit for approximately three weeks. This is purposed to downright soak the fruit flavor in the vodka liquor. It is then carefully filtered, and can other flavors can be incorporated to enhance its profile.

Grain Vodka

Vodka reviews reveal that it is one of the driest vodkas as it has a base of 96% concentrated alcohol. It is not a sweet vodka and is only taken by extreme vodka fanatics. It is a decent vodka mostly available in countries with strong winter seasons for warming up. Grain vodka is a rare vodka that is not available in average liquor shops. Some enhancements, such as lemon, pepper, and lime, can be added to boost flavoring rather than the sharp and burning trait.

How To Choose the Best Vodka?

Quality vodka is undoubtedly a fan’s favorite drink around the world. However, choosing the best quality vodka can be quite cumbersome. This is because there are numerous vodka brands in the market, ranging from cheap one to the most expensive. Vodka prices are not the only merits to choosing the top-rated product. Below are other factors to consider when choosing a bottle of vodka:

Pouring Vodka.

The predominant component

According to Jonas Tahlin, CEO of the Swedish Luxury Vodka company, the main ingredient determines the vodka experience. Good quality vodka is composed using wheat and water, though innovations have been made to incorporate other types of raw materials. The use of better-quality materials reciprocates the making of the best vodkas and determines whether it is a top-shelf vodka.

Taste experience

People have different expectations regarding vodka taste. Some prefer the smoothest vodka to drink taste, while others dwell on good vodka for mixing. Flavors have also manifested the vodka production process and have captured many vodka fanatics. This is because flavors create the best tasting vodka drinks, which creates a drink for consumers to enjoy.

Superior labeling

The most popular vodka producers align their quality with superior labeling. Vodka labeling is considered to have an impact on its class, as witnessed with some of the top-rated vodkas. Sipping vodka from a classy label can also create an iconic aura as you enjoy the drink.

Vodka prices

Pricing is an imperative component when purchasing any commodity, and a bottle of vodka follows suit. Expensive vodka does not always indicate that it is of high quality. This is because some best cheap vodkas have acquired a higher market value than the expensive vodka brands. Nevertheless, you should dwell on the best budget vodka that matches the quality you desire.

Haku Vodka.

Benefits of Best Vodka

Rather than the fancy vodka experience, there are numerous advantages of sipping a glass of vodka, as discussed below:


Vodka is made using raw materials such as wheat, potatoes, rice, corn, and other catalyzing agents, including yeast and malt. This ensures that consumers get a botanical concoction with a great sipping experience without synthetic additives effects.


Nowadays, vodka flavors have become rampant to achieve smooth vodka. There is a wide array of flavors such as fruits, lemon, pepper, among others, that can suit different categories of vodka fanatics.

Brandy taste

Vodka is renowned for its clear appearance and dry taste instantly kicking in. It can also be incorporated with other beverages and mixers to enhance your experience. Some vodka lovers also go for the driest types with a burning and sharp taste, which is not a cup of tea for any consumer.

Absolut Vodka.

Health merits

Rather than the highness experienced after sipping a glass of the best vodka drinks, there are numerous health benefits accompanied by the drink. They include weight loss, boosting sleep quality, mitigating stress, being used as a skincare product, and maintaining oral hygiene.


Vodka brands are the most sold liquor in the world. This is attributed to its versatility and its efficacy in making cocktails. There are also various types of vodkas that serve numerous types of vodka lovers. Flavors have also become innovative, which have created numerous types of vodkas. There are several factors to utilize when gauging the best quality vodka, such as the main ingredient, taste experience, labeling, and pricing. Drinking vodka also comes with numerous advantages such as brandy taste, naturalness, flavors, and a wide sheer of health benefits.


How much is vodka?

Vodka prices are dependent on the vodka brand and the country of purchase. Some of the cheapest vodkas have a price lower than $20, while other expensive vodkas may go as high as millions of dollars.

How strong is vodka?

Vodka is considered one of the strongest liquors with approximately 95% ABV. Nonetheless, different brands have distinct percentages based on the raw materials utilized and the distillation processes.

What type of alcohol is vodka?

Vodka is a distilled spirit comprising of water and ethanol but may incorporate some flavors, as witnessed nowadays. It is made from fermented substances such as grains and potatoes.

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