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Best Tequila

Best Tequila.

Tequila is a popular distilled alcohol made from blue agave found in Mexico. The Pina part is the main part used in drink creation. The Pina part is used due to the high concentration of sugars. After harvestings, the brewers remove the leaves and single out the Pina which is cooked and mashed.

Using natural yeast, brewers ferment the sugar and turn it into alcohol. After fermentation, the distillation process takes place after which it is put into large or small bottles. The storage period determines the type of tequila.

What is Good Tequila?

Tequila lovers will confess that distilled tequila alcohol is something more special. Its drink lovers can add it to various cocktails or sip tequila neat. The alcoholic liquor is a product of the native Weber blue agave plant. The plant is only available in some parts of Mexico. Therefore, a traditional strong liquor from Mexico can only be manufactured in some regions of Mexico, such as Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Tamaulipas, and Nayarit. The limited production makes the process easy compared to other spirits with fewer restrictions.

The difference in tequila types comes after the juice extraction, and the aging process starts. Tequila flavors vary depending on the area's climate, soil, and other geographical properties. Most tequila originates from Jalisco due to the highland and low land production. Agave grown in highland regions produce round tequilas with fruity flavors, while those grown in low lands have a peppery taste with earthy flavors.

There are five main types of drink in the market.

Types of Tequila

The tequila aging process determines the type of produced. The period ranges from two months to more than three years. During this process the tequila drink develops different tastes and alchoholic content.

Patron Silver Tequila.

Blanco Tequila

Blanco is a Spanish word meaning white or clear color. Therefore, its liquor can be referred to as white tequila. The main factor that makes it unique is that it is aged for only two months, after which they bottle it. It results in a clean, agave-tasting, fancy tequila that blends with several cocktails such as margaritas and other citrus-tasting drinks.

This alcoholic beverage is not stored inside an oak barrel during the aging process. This liquor comes out in the purest resemblance of the natural agave taste and flavor with no influence from the wood. It purely resembles the region where the blue agave grows.

Most producers choose to store the drink steel tanks for at least two months to allow the settling of flavors before transferring them to the bottles. The prolonged storage still leaves the fruity and vivid flavor on the drink. High-quality, tequila shows the real skill of the brewer or distiller since no aging process takes place.

The drink has a harsh taste hence not ideal for shots. There are several types of Blanco tequila brands in the market.


Reposado is any form of Mexican tequila aged more than 60 days inside an oak barrel. Reposado is a Spanish term that means resting or restful. Aging it inside an oak barrel provides the tequila with an amber color and wood flavor, cinnamon, vanilla, and other baking spices. In summary, Reposado is a type of white tequila stored inside an oak barrel.

Tequila Shot With Lime.

Reposado rests inside the oak barrel for at least two to 12 months, giving it a unique taste without losing the original agave taste. It turns into a golden hue as it rests inside the barrel since it pulls off the tannin from the wood to develop the honey and caramel flavor, making it smooth tequila.

As the strong drink ages, the original, fruity flavor does not disappear but rounds out, creating chilly, vanilla, and cinnamon tastes. Some distillers use oak barrels to store cognac or wine to add to the tequila flavor. Depending on the strength of the Reposado, it can be one of the smoothest tequila for shots.

Anejo Tequila

When a distiller leaves Reposado liquor inside the barrel for more than one year, it becomes Anejo tequila. The prolonged stay inside the barrel allows it to acquire a darker color and complex flavor. It takes more from the wood, which proves that the actual difference in tequila is a result of age. Each barrel that stores Anejo has a volume of 600 liters. It ensures that every drop interacts well with the wood to form the best Anejo drink.

The Anejo taste moves beyond the intense bite of young tequila since the prolonged aging replaces the acidic tones with sugary and caramelized flavor.

Extra Anejo

If Tequila stored in an oak barrel for more than three years qualifies to become extra Anejo. The extra Anejo was first established in 2006 as a breakthrough within the tequila-making industry. Extra Anejo is an expensive tequila compared with well-aged scotch whiskey. Unlike whiskey, extra-aged agave does not require any statement on the tequila bottle indicating the number of years. The extra Anejo should be cut with water to smoothen the final taste. The increased prestige that comes with longer barrel times helps it fetch more price than other types of this strong drink.

Tequila Bon Julio.


Joven is a flavored tequila since it contains additives. It is difficult to randomly walk in any liquor store and fail to find Joven tequila. Some people refer to it as gold tequila that refers to mixto tequila made by adding artificial colorings, sugars flavors, glycerin, or oak extracts to produce a similar taste to a Reposado or Anejo.

Some distillers produce Joven beverages by blending Blanco tequila with small portions of other tequilas without adding any artificial sugars or flavors.

Due to the added ingredients, its alcoholic drink has a sweet taste but with a harsh flavor due to added ingredients.

Most baristas use Joven tequila when developing cocktails to give the bright citrus flavor of Blanco and the unique character of other aged spirits in one drink. For people holding parties, mixto may be the best option for tequila mixed drinks. A good cheap drink blends well with different fruit juices.

Since this type of tequila is not made 100% agave, the entire group costs cheaper than the other aged types.

Tequila Los Osuna.

How To Choose the Best Tequila Drinks?

You don't have to spend most of your time at the liquor store trying to figure out which tequila type to buy. Several tequila types are found in various liquor stores and vary in price and quality. Here are some tips to guide you on choosing the right tequila.

Read the label

Please do not go for any product labeled tequila, thinking that it is top tequila. The best tequilas should provide some basic information showing the quality and authenticity of the drink. If the bottle does not indicate the origin of the tequila or the location of producers, avoid it.

The location matters since the best authentic tequilas originate from specific areas in Mexico, Jalisco being the highest tequila producer. The Tequila regulatory council certifies tequila from these areas. Like champagne, the body governs the production to ensure that it complies with the Official Mexican Standard of Tequila.

Together with the local manufacturers, the authority assesses these standards to ensure top-quality tequila production. Top-quality tequilas must have a NOM number or CRT initials on the bottle label.

Sipping Tequila.

Purchase Tequila Made from 100% Blue Agave

Note that all tequilas are mescals but not all mezcals are tequilas. Mescal is any agave-based alcoholic drink tequila included. The only difference is that tequila is made from 100% blue agave from Mexico. Mezcals are made from 30 varieties of agape hence do not qualify to be tequila. The product label should indicate that the tequila liquor is made 100% blue agave before purchasing it.

Cost of the Tequila

Do not always feel pressured when you enter a store and find different types of tequila. There are several types of tequilas in the nearby local store. It is best to confirm the tequila prices before purchasing. There are few expensive tequila types in the market. Some of the best tequilas have very affordable prices. Expensive tequila might not mean that it is high quality. Top-shelf tequila can be cheaper than you may expect.

Benefits of taking Pure Blue Agave Tequila

Benefits of taking Pure Blue Agave Tequila

It is 100% Agave Tequila

Agave tequila sourced from specific areas in Mexico is 100% pure. The fermentation of the fruit juice is natural, and distillers do not add any additives. Mixto tequila contains additives that may harm one's health. Agave juice contains a compound known as agavin. According to various studies, agavin is responsible for several health benefits when taken in moderation. The natural fermentation of tequila makes it gluten-free hence safe for everyone.

Bottles Of Tequila.

It does not have any Hangovers

Pure blue agave tequilas do not have hangovers. However, not all tequilas in the market are 100% agave. American tequilas contain only 49% agave hence not pure and might cause a hangover to the drinker. Always purchase drinks with 100% agave on the label for you to enjoy your drink.

It has Numerous Health Benefits

Experts claim that taking a shot before lunch can help improve appetite, while a drink after dinner could help digestion. Since agave tequilas do not contain added sugars, people with sugar sensitivity can drink without fear. Other studies indicate that tequila may help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Moderate intake of tequila helps reduce pains such as headaches and migraines.


When shopping for premium tequila, it is crucial to look at the label on the tequila bottle. Good tequilas originate from specific areas in Mexico. Check the label on the bottle of tequila and confirm that it is a product of the blue agave without any additives.


What is the difference between Blanco and Reposado?

Blanco tequila is aged for a maximum of two months, while Reposado tequila is aged for more than two months but less than a year. The main difference in taste is that tequila Blanco is not stored inside an oak barrel, unlike the Reposado, which gives it a slightly woody flavor. Blanco tequila is best with cocktails, while Reposado tequila is smooth tequila for shots.

What is the difference between gold and silver tequila?

Gold tequila is not fully authentic tequila. It only comprises 51% blue agave and added sugars. Silver tequila has no added additives and contains pure blue agave. Silver tequila can also be referred to as white tequila, while gold tequila is known as Joven or Mixto. Due to the added additives, gold tequila has a sweet taste but harsh flavor, while silver tequila has a citrus taste with a fruity flavor

What tequila to use for margaritas?

Tequila types vary in taste. These variations create the difference in the drinking method. Margarita is one of the common cocktails to mix with tequila drinks. However, white and blue tequila is the best tequila with margaritas.

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