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White Rum

Best Rum.

Rum is produced worldwide as opposed to some liquor categories that have a specific region of production. Its production is executed in over 80 countries and utilizes divergent methods in fermentation, distillation, blending styles, and aging techniques.

Initially, rum was used as a trade item in the colonial era. This was before America had even established its status as a country. In this period, other types of prominent liquor, such as whisky, were not in the limelight. Hence, rum alcohol has an imperative role in America’s heritage and the world as well.

Since then, numerous types of rum have been invented, and its production is mostly executed in sugarcane growing regions. This is because sugarcane juice and molasses are the predominant ingredients utilized in its production. Below is a highly informative rum review that explains all you need to familiarize yourself with about rum, rum types, benefits of rum, and how to choose the best rum in the world. Here is a table with an organized outline to guide you through the article.

What Is Best Rum?

Rum alcohol is a liquor distilled from sugarcane or byproducts such as molasses and black treacle. Good rum must undergo fermentation, distillation, and aging, preferably in oak barrels, as aged rum has a more consistent flavor than other kinds of rum. You can also add rum flavors such as caramelized sugar, fruit extracts, and spices. The addition of caramel in blended rum helps produce different rum colors. This is because caramel is the world's most used food coloring agent and can be used in a sheer variety of brands of rum.

Though modern production techniques may differ from old rum production methods, the dominant factor is that cane sugar must be present. When making good quality rum, adding nutmeg, allspice, dried fruit, or vanilla can spike taste in a bottle of rum.

A contemporary method of making rum involves fermenting sugarcane juice which creates a thick syrup. Conversely, you can also process the juice into molasses and ferment it.

Factors such as climate and soil where cane was grown determine the rum taste. For instance, rum produced using molasses from Barbados will have a distinct taste from one made from Dominican molasses. The two would differ even if distillation was conducted using the same technique.

The production process also determines different types of rum. Another interesting factor is the harvesting of sugarcane. According to Ian William, writer of “A Social and Sociable History of the Real Spirit of 1776”, cutting cane close to the ground can yield high-quality rum. He also states that milling should be conducted promptly after harvesting when the sugar content is the utmost.

There are also different techniques to conduct fermentation. Organic rum fermentation is executed by leaving the sugar products in open vats. This allows natural yeasts in the air to convert sugar into alcohol. On the other hand, the introduction of pre-determined yeast strains can be used on fermentation, as witnessed in big rum production companies.

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Types Of Best Rum

Rum is a popular drink and considered one of the most diverse categories of alcohol around the world. Thus, there are numerous types of rum that depend on their processing techniques. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular rum drinks.

White/Clear Rum

As the name suggests, this is a clear rum type and one of the most popular rum drinks. It is the best rum for cocktails as it is light in flavor. It is a popular rum and the most common style of rum in the market.

In the United States, white rum is sold at 40% alcohol content. It is a cheap rum, and it is the best budget rum in terms of production costs. White varieties have a straightforward rum experience and usually are aged between three to six months in tropical climates and up to one year in cooler environs.

Gold Rum

The more rum is stored in barrels, the more it adopts the golden color. It is a flavored rum that is the best rum drink for stronger flavor cocktails. Gold rum is aged for several years, and some producers may add coloring and flavors such as citrus, caramel, vanilla, or coconut during the aging process. It is the best-rated rum for drinks on the rocks. Additionally, it is a smooth rum that can serve well as rum neat.

Black Rum

This type entails the darkest and heavily embodied rum types. Its dark color is a result of the high level of molasses, caramel flavoring, or the use of highly charred barrels during the production process. It is a top-rated rum for balancing the flavors of drinks. It is also a great rum for cakes, candies, desserts, and sauces, enhancing a bold, sweet spicy flavor. It is a common rum drink in Bermuda, Jamaica, the Virgin Islands, and Guyana.

Spiced Rum

Its rum name originates from the myriad flavors and spices used to spike its taste. It is the best type of rum that offers unique flavoring to cocktails, cakes, among other utilizations. It is the best-spiced rum that utilizes seeds, dried fruits, roots, and barks of spicing agents such as vanilla, allspice, cinnamon, cassia, clove, and fruit extracts. These flavors can make it a sweet rum or uplift its bitterness.


Overproof is a popular rum due to its high alcohol concentration. Its production is stipulated for rum fanatics who prefer a stronger drink as it is not one of the best sipping rum. It is a rare rum that is mostly sold in Jamaica, and the Caribbean Islands as residents in these locations are used to such kind of strong liquor.

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How To Choose the Best Rum?

Different drinkers have distinct perspectives when choosing quality rum. In this section, we will discuss some crucial points that may help you get the best type of rum in a diverse selection.

  • Explore brands of rum: In relation to other types of distilled liquor, rum is comparatively inexpensive. Though there are some expensive rums, you can try out some of the best cheap rums without denting your wallet. Some barkeepers also have experimental shots that can be a great way to gauge whether it is a premium rum or continue your seeking journey.
  • Start with light rum brands: Light rum is considered a foundation of rums as it has a sweet, neutral taste. Though it is not the best tasting rum, it is the best rum for mixing as it blends in with a wide array of flavors without tampering with the drink’s appearance.
  • Taste expectations: Everyone can raise different sentiments regarding their preference when it comes to liquor taste. This is because some people prefer the best-tasting rum while others are on for a strong and sharp-tasting rum. Most rum labels have indications on their flavors which provide insights into the rum taste.
  • Rum price: The price of rum plays an imperative role in purchasing a bottle of rum. However, not all expensive rum brands reciprocate quality. There are some top rum brands that have exhibited superior market demand and value than some highly-priced types of rum. You can also engage your barkeeper or check rum ratings online for deeper know-how when buying a bottle of rum.

Benefits of Best Rum

There are numerous benefits that are accompanied by sipping rum. Rather than getting high, below are some other advantages of taking rum:

  • Organic Composition: Rum is produced using sugarcane and its byproducts as the main components. Some rum types incorporate flavors and coloring sourced from botanical agents such as fruit extracts, spices, and other natural sources. This ensures that every sip originates from a natural concoction.
  • Taste: Sugarcane is a trademark in the production of brands of rum that creates a distinctive rum taste. Though all types of rum do not have an identical taste, rum drinks reflect the raw ingredients that were incorporated in the drink during its preparation.
  • Flavoring: Being one of the most diverse liquors on the planet, rum alcohol can be classified as one with the broadest flavoring collection. Rum drinks producers utilize numerous types of flavors such as fruits extracts, spices, and herbal extracts. This ensures that rum fanatics are well covered with numerous types of brands and flavors.
  • Health Advantages: Some medical experts have stated that taking rum in moderation and consistently can promote a strong and healthy heart. It is also vital in eliminating cholesterol and minimizing artery blockage in the body. It may also provide a remedy for stress and negative moods.

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Rum is one of the most diverse drinks, and its production is executed in numerous places around the world. It also has sheer types of rum, and its production utilizes sugarcane or its byproducts as the predominant ingredient. Taking rum has numerous advantages such as taste, flavors, the naturalness of the drink, and several health merits.


What is the best rum for mojitos?

White rum is considered the best for mojitos as it has a neutral taste that blends in with cocktails. In addition, it is the best rum for mixing as it does not change the drink's appearance.

What country makes the best rum?

Though the debate may be intense, the Caribbean has top tiers in rum production. This is because sugarcane planting took heed in the 1400s, the predominant component in rum production. Their rums vary in character, and rum is a popular drink in the Caribbean.

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