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Best Flavored Vodka

Best Flavored Vodka.

Let’s fact it — regular vodka isn’t for everyone. In fact, flavored vodka is often the preferred route for those who fancy a little more spice to their drink. Why? Well, besides the fact that there are many types of vodka when it comes to flavor, it’s a great way to create drinks that are suited to your tastes. Since there is such a variety of vodka flavors out there these days, you won’t struggle for choice either. In fact, we’ve done the courtesy of listing some of the best flavored vodka in the table right here to help guide your decision.

These types of vodka are some of the best-rated among consumers right now, so you won’t go far wrong by sticking with this selection.

What Is Flavored Vodka?

If flavored vodka is a relatively new concept for you, let us run through exactly what it is. This describes vodka that has been infused with a variety of fruits or even spices to establish a unique taste. While regular vodka is a bit of a sharp taste for some people, flavored vodka helps to soften the blow while creating a nice, refreshing drink at the same time. Some of the more popular examples on the market right now include citrus vodka, fruity vodka, peach vodka, and sweet vodka. But of course, there are many others for you to pick and choose from.

How To Choose the Best Flavored Vodka?

Although we’ve created a table above with the best flavored vodka, it helps to understand why these bottles have been cut. That’s why we’d like to discuss some of the common criteria that everyone needs to run through before picking any flavored alcohol — not just flavored vodka!

Keep the proof rating on the lower end of the spectrum

It is a globally accepted practice that vodka must be at least 80 proof. This indicates the purity of vodka in the bottle, as well as the associated alcohol content. Now, although there are many types of vodka in this space, it’s important that whatever bottle you choose cannot be too overpowering. By that we mean that it’s better to stick with bottles that are around 80 or 100 proof, meaning a lower alcohol content. If you get strong vodka, it doesn’t mix all that well when creating awesome cocktails!

Vodka With Apple Flavor.

Try not to compromise on price

If you’re on a budget, it can be tempting to shoot for lower-priced flavored vodka. But do yourself a favor and don’t allow price to be the dictating factor. If you pick an incredibly cheap, it won’t taste great for starters, and it also won’t mix all that well. Therefore, we recommend that you stick with flavored vodka that is within budget, but doesn’t fall into the category of a ‘bottom shelf vodka’.

Think of your desired mixer

Of the many vodka flavors out there today, none of them will taste awesome if put with the wrong mixer. Of course, this doesn’t apply if you plan on drinking vodka on the rocks. However, assuming you want to mix vodka with other drinks, you have to think about how the flavored vodka will interact with the mixer. For example, you probably wouldn’t get citrus vodka and then mix it with coke or other strong sodas.

Make sure you assess the reviews

Flavored vodka isn’t a new market segment, meaning that this is a well-explored niche. We mean that from the consumers’ perspective, which is why there are many online reviews for different vodka flavors. Of course, reading up on online reviews is always a good idea before buying any product, not just for various types of vodka. And the better the reviews, the better the chance is that you’ll enjoy your drink.

Stick with reputable brands

Although the better brands in the market are usually pricier, it’s that way for a reason. The best brands have managed to deliver superior products for a sustained period of time. And this is certainly the case in the flavored vodka industry. So as you can probably guess, it is beneficial to stick with brands that are well regarded, as well as brands that offer a wide selection of vodka flavors too.

Benefits of Flavored Vodka

People have their own reasons for wanting to drink flavored vodka. But putting individual reasons aside, we believe that these are some of the more obvious benefits to drinking flavored vodka:

Flavors Vodka.

Removes the ‘sharp taste’

Depending on the vodka you tend to buy, it can have quite a strong, sharp, or somewhat sour taste. Of course, these flavors aren’t always desirable for those that fancy a cocktail or two. But by choosing flavored vodka, the sour or strong taste tends to be masked.

Offers a combination drink

This may seem obvious, but we’d like to emphasize it nonetheless. While regular vodka can mix with a bunch of drinks including sodas and other beverages, it doesn’t have the same diversity of flavored vodka. Here you can pick flavors that go well with juices, cocktail mixers, and if you have it on the rocks - it’s like having two drinks in one.

Stress relief

Studies have shown that drinking flavored vodka contributes to reduced stress levels. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the more you drink the less stress you’ll have! Like all types of vodka, it needs to be consumed in moderation. But one or even two flavored vodka drinks on an evening seem to be more effective at reducing stress than many other alcoholic beverages.

Diverse product ranges

The final benefit of picking flavored vodka over traditional vodka is the variety it provides. Although yes, there are many types of vodka in the unflavored space, by definition, the taste won’t change dramatically. Sure, the quality will change depending on the brand and bottle you choose. However, flavored vodka serves up so many options such as citrus vodka, peach vodka, and so many others that traditional vodka just cannot compete.

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