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Welcome to Boozella where we talk about alcohol and beverages non-stop, all day. We are a group of people that are devoted to providing quality and quick information about everything - alcohol, and accessories, just for you. We started business in 2021 and have since then served many of our clients with relevant and trustworthy content that has helped them make informed decisions. On our website, you can find thousands of reviews on alcohol and accessories. Currently, we have numerous posts and more expert reviews from our team on various alcoholic drinks and beverages that you should try. Our reviews are honest, transparent, and completely relevant to our website and we stay updated. Therefore, you can expect regular posts and updates of reviews on our site. We wish you the best while you journey through our website. Again, welcome to Boozella.

Our Mission

Why do we do what we do? Simply because we are tired of seeing people walk around bars and drinking spots with no clue on what to do, or how to do it. We answer questions that people might have on the topic of alcohol, as well as offer guidance and help to new drinkers so that they get into the drinking club without hurting themselves. We aim and actively work toward providing regular alcohol reviews, drinking tips, and guidelines with authentic resources. We want to become a hub spot and a trusted place where alcohol fans can meet and hang out. And to become the go-to place to find trusted reviews, advice, and resources to make better-informed decisions when buying and ordering drinks.

Our Team

Who writes our articles and reviews? Among our many workers are a group of people that are experienced in the different types of alcohol, drinking guideline and rules, tips, and much other related information. We are also skilled in the science of alcohol, the correct way to mix it, and how to drink it to achieve the best result. Therefore, our team of experienced writers devotes their time and knowledge to provide valuable and truthful reviews on alcohol and beverage drinks. We also supply the most complete, relevant, and honest information about the types of alcohol, as well as, interesting facts and tips that you can’t get tired of.

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Our Advantages

We are not the only alcohol-loving family. There are other companies besides us and more to come. But a few things make us special - make us better than any other counterpart. Here are the advantages of choosing us:


All our reviews and articles are based on proven facts and transparent information. We do not advertise brands in our reviews, neither do we promote anyone. We are completely honest about the advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons, limitations and specialties, and every other information that contains each topic. You can trust our reviews and articles to guide you right into the world of alcohol and its accessories. All our content is also available to everyone for free. There is no paid content, neither is there any secret article for VIPs. We believe that everyone has the right to correct and honest information.


Apart from guaranteeing honest content, we also guarantee quality. All of our articles, post, and reviews are packed with every detail that makes the content relatable, easy to understand, and interesting. Time is invested into searching for and inputting relevant texts, images, and videos to make the content better. On every review, there are also safety guidelines, FAQs, how to use/drink, tips for choosing, and honest ratings on every product reviewed.


Our website is also given priority and we take the time to organize on-page content. This is so that you can easily navigate through different pages and categories. This way, we make sure that you don’t get frustrated when looking for a particular review. We also attach relevant headlines to every post, as well as, a search bar to help your stay at Boozella convenience.