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Best Alcohol

Asides from having you look like the coolest characters on TV, alcohol does have limitless benefits. We could talk about the list of them or we could leave that benefit-talk for a session with the doctor. In this review, we’ll be discussing the best alcohol that’s worth your time and money. If you’re interested in that kind of info, you’ve already taken the right first step! One Google search about alcohol and you’ll see some shaky articles asking you to stay away from it like you’re some drunk with no self-control. Everything in life should be done moderately so I won’t ask you to go on a marathon binge drinking but know this now: alcohol deserves a spot in your lifestyle if you know how to drink it.

How Can We Drink Alcohol

You’d be shocked how much the tiniest detail could influence what your drink tastes like. With top alcohol spirits, there are common terminologies, say drinking modes, that tell a bartender how you want your drink. Know these terminologies and you would finally bid farewell to the days of looking like the newbie who didn’t know what to order. Enough talk, see the drinking modes below:

  • Neat: This means you would like your drink served without any ice, water, peels, vermouth, anything. You would get a drink poured directly from the bottle into an old-fashioned glass.
  • Straight (Up): This means you would like your drink chilled. The bartender instantly knows to briefly shake your drink with ice but leave them out of the glass when serving to you.
  • On the rocks: You would like your drink served with ice in the cup. This helps soften the intensity if that’s what you’re gunning for.
  • Cocktails: A heavenly combo of alcohol and some other ingredient(s) such as cream, fruit juice, or flavored syrup.
  • Garnish: The key phrase here is “with a twist” and it means you would like a cocktail with the zest of some citrus fruit of choice. This allows for more flavor and a good-looking glass.
  • Chaser: A shot of mild drink taken after a shot of hard liquor is a chaser.

There you have it - the six ways to have good alcohol spirits poured. It’s up to you to decide on which one works best for you. For crazy expensive alcohol though, neat is usually the go-to option because you don’t want to alter that natural goodness with any artificial alterations.

Alcohol price: how is it formed?

Remember, our focus in this review is set on the best alcohol to drink. It’s not necessarily a brand but more like classes of alcohol that satisfy anyone and everyone. In this section, we’ll be taking a look at the top alcohol that would demand quite a sum from your wallet. We’ll see why they’re expensive and whether or not they’re worth it. So, what makes the top alcohol crazy expensive?

  • Age: From the taste to the aroma, the quality of alcohol improves with time. For this reason, there are warehouses full of treated barrels that hold alcohol for years strictly to have their age well. Artificial aging is fast developing because the natural route does take a long time. For me, it’s always worth the wait!
  • Ingredients: Using high-quality natural ingredients - fruits, grains, and grapes - in the alcohol production process is sure to make it pricier. The more industrial approaches are just not that rewarding come tasting time.
  • Distillation process: It takes more than gathering the highest quality ingredients to produce the highest quality alcohol. The distillation process plays a major role which means boiling the mash to form the base and then re-condense it. There are multiple processes involved and the attention to detail in each of these processes go a long way in determining the alcohol quality.

How to choose the best Alcoholic Drink?

Up to this point, we’ve discussed the factors that make the best alcoholic drink and how to drink them. In this section, it gets a little more personalized. Alcohol preference varies from person to person and to choose the best alcoholic drink, you must do the following:

Choose your drinking preference

Decide on how you would like to have your drink poured. It may take some time to find the style that resonates with you but then again, having options is never a bad thing. You could ask friends and bartenders for opinions but remember, the decision is yours to make - try as many different options you can and then take your pick on whether you want your drink neat, straight up, on the rocks, as a cocktail, garnished, or with a chaser.

Check your wallet

Ask yourself how much you’re willing to spend on alcohol. As already discussed in this review, alcohol can be mighty expensive but that doesn’t mean the one with less hefty price tags isn’t well-to-do. So, check your wallet and buy the best alcohol you can buy within your budget.

Know how much you can handle

People get drunk and people get crazy drunk. In your bid to enjoy the bliss of alcohol, you don’t want to lose yourself becoming an alcoholic. So, if you like to drink in volume, you shouldn’t go for a drink intense enough to instantly get you drowsy!

Best Liquors

Six base liquors have dominated the alcohol space for as long as forever. Any good liquor has its uniqueness that makes it different from the others. In this section, we’ll be taking a look at the best liquors the world has to offer should aliens ever come visiting Let’s get to it!


Tequila is the most regulated of the world’s most popular alcohols. Mexico is the only country that can create liquor from the agave plant’s fermented juices and label its ‘tequila’. Any other country producing the same liquid would have to find some other interesting label for it. Tequila is a vegetal, earthy, spicy, semi-sweet, good liquor with 40-50% ABV, which stands for Alcohol by Volume.


Vodka naturally has a neutral taste and this is why it can be turned into virtually any flavor profile imaginable - spicy, sweet, herbal, fruity, anything! With little to no regulations and a desirable alcoholic volume of 40-50% ABV, you’re likely to see vodka in bars wherever you go.


Brandy is most often taken on its own or with a few ingredients because a few flavors never hurt. However, this may change soon as bartenders are doing the most with creative flavor combos! Brandy was got from grapes, also, other fruits have now joined the party of this seemingly burnt 40% ABV liquor with pleasant oak ones.


Gin serves as the natural base for cocktails with its dry profile and gentle sweetness. The easy complements of fruits, herbs, and light mixers with gin can neither be overlooked nor overestimated. It produces from barley, corn, wheat, and other neutral grains has an alcohol content of 40-47% ABV.


Rum is the sweetest liquor on this list, making it the top candidate for warm cocktails and tropical drinks. Rum is distilled from molasses, which is a by-product of the extraction of sugar from sugarcane. This explains rum’s toasted, sugary, sweet flavor profile. Rum has an alcohol content of 40% ABV.


Distilled from a variety of malted grains, whiskey is one liquor of many styles. The general flavor profile of all whiskey is roasted oakiness mixed with the natural tones of malted grains. However, the two most popular liquors derived from whiskey have their respective profile uniqueness. These are Bourbon and Scotch, more on them below. Whiskey is distilled from malted grains and has an alcohol content of 40-50% ABV.


Bourbon is a style of whiskey that is produced in the United States. According to the US laws, Bourbon must:

  • Be distilled from a mash made up of 51%
  • Have water as the only additive.
  • Be aged in charred white oak barrels for two years minimum.
  • Have alcohol content of 80% ABV.


Known in full as Scotch Whisky (not Whiskey), this liquor is produced in the UK, in Scotland. According to the UK laws, Scotch must:

  • Be distilled from malted barley mash plus other cereal grains.
  • Be fermented by the addition of yeast alone.
  • Be aged in oak casks for three years minimum.
  • Have caramel color and water as the only additives.
  • Have alcohol content of 94.8% ABV.

There’s a reason good alcohol has stayed around for as long as it has - it’s a world wonder! And you taking the time out to check for the best alcohol is as much an investment in any stocks but disclaimer, that’s not financial advice! Come back again, this website is always updated with new info on the best alcohol spirits for everyone, irrespective of taste. Now you must know the best alcoholic drinks to buy so, good luck and bottoms up!


What is the best alcohol?

There’s no single answer to this. The best alcohol for you would differ from person to person. However, it’s not difficult to find out the best alcohol for you. That was addressed in the review.

What is the best-tasting alcohol?

First, ask yourself, do you like sweet, sour, spicy, or toasted alcohol? Next, do you prefer your drinks warm or chilled? Once you have the answers to that, check the review for the alcohol that marks the spot for you. However, here’s a fact for you: Rum is the sweetest of all liquor. So, if you like your drink sweet, rum may just be the route to go.

What is the best way to drink alcohol?

That’s up to you! The way to drink alcohol is personalized to each person. If you want it without any drama, take it neat. If you want it chilled, straight up or on the rocks is the way to go. Want more flavor? Try some garnish. You see, it’s really up to you!

What is the best liquor for shots?

Hands down, rum takes this one! The rush of flavor that comes from even the tiniest amount of rum makes it ideal for shots. Now, remember, the other liquor spirits don’t do too bad themselves.

What is the best alcoholic drink for a diabetic?

Diabetes has no way of stopping you from enjoying the goodness of alcohol. You just have to know the alcohol that works for you. Make sure to go for alcohol with low sugar and carb content such as some styles of vodka, gin, whiskey, and rum.

What is the best alcohol to drink on a diet?

Fear not, alcohol doesn’t have to affect that chiseled body of yours. You have options with low calories that are just as much alcohol as any but don’t tons of fat in your body. Vodka, whiskey, and gin are the top three in this regard.